Giving Gifts.

Thursday, December 23, 2010
By now we all know about Tom's. (If you don't, they are a company that makes very comfy shoes. And when you buy a pair they give a pair to people in other parts of the world that don't have the money for a pair of their own.) You could still pick up a pair at Nordstroms for a last minute gift. I am incredibly inspired by this company! They originally wanted the name of their shoes to be "Tomorrow's" to inform people of the giving nature of their brand. But it wouldn't fit on the label. They are about $50. (I'm usually a cheap shoe shopper!) But you can feel good about your purchase since you know you are helping to make someone's life better! They have given away more than a million shoes! In countries where they personally outfit children with a new pair of shoes they have helped curb the incidences of hook worm and other terrible diseases! They've seen children playing soccer in fields with broken glass and now they can play without fear of injury. This company originally wanted to just be a charity but they knew that it was hard work to sustain a charity. So the "one for one" idea was launched. What a marvelous purpose to work for! And they are stylishly casual shoes that anyone can wear! Kudos Tom's!


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