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Friday, December 17, 2010

 Do you have all your presents picked? Your gifts gathered? Need a few, last-minute ideas?

pie in a jar
This seller on Etsy has a commercial kitchen and makes these delectable little pies in a jar! She sells them 3 in an order for about $15. They come quickly and she'll even send a card to your giftee so they can know who sent them this lovely gift.

lily and thistle
Lily & Thistle is really quick at getting things to you. You may still be able to order a custom paper doll if you go there and order today! I got one for my Lilly. My daughter is half black/white so finding dolls, of any sort, that resemble her is difficult. These paper dolls are so pretty and you can buy them in packages...all the way up to the deluxe package for only $25! A new outfit sent once a month!
For Grandma, why not take the kids to record a "Merry Christmas 2010! We love you Grandma!" Every year Grandma can get out her Christmas decorations and be reminded of your cute little one's voices. It's such an easy, personal gift. And you can get it done quickly! AND light enough that you could mail it for not much money if it has to go priority!


Aimee - Choose To Be Better said...

Wow. Pies in a jar! AWESOME!! And thanks for the Build a Bear idea. We have been STUMPED for grandparents this year, and this is perfect. Thank you!!

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