Three easy pieces.

Monday, September 13, 2010
crate & barrel
crate & barrel
martha stewart
I get asked, a lot, "Where do I start?" Well, the simple answer is your sofa. Find a good piece with a neutral color. Invest the most you can in it. That doesn't mean it has to cost a lot to last, though. Once you have that main piece of furniture, turn your attention to the rug. Your rug can help dictate the wall color, too.  If you have wall to wall carpeting then your rug is done, move to a side chair or two. Your sofa tables and lamps are next. Last but not least are the accessories and art work. The icing on the cake that makes your room come alive!

You really can change an entire room for under $3,000. That is a tight budget and you may not get every piece your little heart desires, but that can get you a beautiful room with a new feel. I wouldn't recommend getting the sofa's second hand (hello, bedbugs!) but the side tables, etc... can be found for great prices at second hand stores. You can refinish a cute side table for under $30!


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