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Monday, September 13, 2010
shaw carpet
apartment therapy

I have been given a great gift. Information. I've worked for years with the flooring, countertop, and cabinet industries and that has given me a wealth of knowledge that comes in very handy sometimes. Other times it just takes up massive folder space in my brain library. I can bore you for hours with information about hardwoods, urethane, refinishing, granite, marble, nylon, wool, polypropylene or olefin, vinyl, linoleum, (and there is a difference!) tile, carpets, stain removal, etc...etc... The list goes on and on. I'm not braggin'...really, I'm begging for questions. If you ever have a question about these must have home surfaces, please send me a note! This information is just rattling away in the old noggin' and would love to be put to use! Anytime!


Barbie said...

Hi Wendy,
We put travertine in on the floor in 2 bathrooms and our pool house. My contractor warned us that it was too soft a stone to put on the floor, but I wanted it anyway. He was right! It is too soft. We now have areas that have crumbled and need to be filled in. My husband bought travertine repair goop at Home Depot and it is was difficult to get a smooth surface after you fill in the hole. Any ideas on repairing?


Wendy said...

I'll email you, Barbie!

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