Affair of the heart.

Saturday, September 11, 2010
I have had a love affair with Fred Flare for years. I own many a quirky, cute, fun, surprising, get-the-conversation-started object from this creative company. I thought, for fun, I'd share a few that have my eye right now. This adorable glass milk carton would be charming for my little ones to drink from. Or me, for that matter. Cute. And bacon floss?! What? How fantastic is that? All of that bacon taste none of those bacon calories!
You may ask yourself, "What to these things have to do with interior decorating, Miss GoodEgg?" To which my response would be, "Why, everything!" I love for my house to have whimsical touches that make me--force me to smile every time I see them. And bacon floss would for sure do that!


Lyndee said...

Those are so fun! I should check them out sometime.

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