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Friday, August 20, 2010
black crow studios
This is fantastic! This studio let's you customize your wall paper. They take all the guess work out of it. You design it and their artists will compose it to fit your wall properly. Imagine the possibilities? Your kids artwork? The flower pattern on your favorite fabric? They will also do your design as a stretched canvas if you aren't committed to wallpaper. And since they have artists on staff they can design something just for you if you, aren't feeling artistically inclined that day!

Of course you could always do something like this! Design Mom, Gabrielle Blair, projected this image of Napolean Dynamite onto her son's bedroom wall. Lined the image in pencil and then filled it in with paint. I  have done something similar in the past but not nearly this creative! Isn't this a fun idea?
I'm SO want to do something like this on my son's wall. And my daughter's wall. Maybe MY bedroom wall.


Courtney said...

Priceless! Who wouldn't want a picture of Napoleon Dynamite on their wall? He looks surprisingly good as wallpaper. :)

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