Tuesday, August 24, 2010
Ballard Designs
I'm working with a client right now that is a bit....well, let's just say she is 'undecided'. She has a bare room, ready to be painted and then filled with lovely furniture and accessories. When we were making the list of things needed for the room I mentioned lighting and she did a double take. "The room has lights. Up there, in the ceiling." I explained that she needed ambient light. She took umbrage with the word "needed" as just another ploy to get her to spend her hard earned money. (I can tease her since she is my beloved sister-in-law.) 
Question, dear readers, do you have ambient lighting? Does your room glow at night with lower lights? It's an easy fix. Lighting sources can be inexpensive and stylish. All you need is a little table or maybe floor space near a favorite chair. You can change the feeling of your room with a little light. Really. I'd love to hear from you about your lighting. Do you need ideas or do you have it figured out?


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