Pulling the trigger.

Tuesday, August 17, 2010
Benjamin Moore
apartment therapy
So when do you know that you've done enough research, measured the right things, sifted through enough fabrics to know you can proceed? This is the hardest part for most of my clients. AND for me, frankly. I can pick pretty quickly for someone else but when if comes to my own house, it can be a challenge! First you need the cash to make the changes you want. That alone can stop a transformation in it's tracks! But if you have the means and have done your due diligence then you should feel confident, right? So why is it so hard to get it done? The list of excuses is long, isn't it? How long am I going to have this sofa? What if I think I've picked the right paint color, paid the painter, and I loathe the finished product?

I see a lot of people discounting their gut. You know what you like (sometimes) but you start doubting when you see your neighbor is doing something different, or someone says "Really? You like THAT?" Aaarrgh! It's difficult! 

So you have your budget in place. Then you think, "What do I need from this space?" Once you are certain of every function you need that room to carry out and who will be carrying out those functions (ie...children, pets, etc...) Then you move onto colors, feel of the room, textures, and more. You know...the fun stuff! Figure out what you like. Styles, colors, all that jazz. THEN search for the pieces. Internet. Flea markets. Goodwill. Neighbors (you might trade pieces.) A lot of my customers want the room done in one day. That's easy for me IF there is a wad of cash thrown at me. Most people, though, should do a room over time. Here are just a few, basic tips.

1. Live with it empty for a while but not too long. Make yourself a deadline. I find if a deadline isn't made you can get frozen. It becomes overwhelming and you just don't make any decisions!

2. Keep your room budget separate from other money you may need to access. Then, when you happen upon that perfect piece, you can snap it up. Keep measurements with you in a little notebook. (A small measuring tape is handy to keep in your purse.) You never know when you will find your match! 

3. Don't stray too far from your original plan but be open to something you may never have thought of. 

4. Trust your instincts. You don't need to be a trained decorator to know what you like. Believe you can do it and that it will turn out pretty. 

5. If you do a lot of the legwork and elbow grease, a decorator can come in at the end (for a smaller price than if you'd used them from the beginning of the project) and pull everything together for you!

Now go forth and decorate! It should be fun!!!


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