Mid-Century Modern.

Monday, August 9, 2010
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  I have a good number of people asking me to explain what "mid-century modern" furniture is. Simply, it is furniture from the 50's. Not all furniture from the 50's fits that name, though. When you hear that term, "mid-century mod." people are referring to the clean, simple lines of Danish inspired furniture. Birch. Maple. Clean grained woods. Sleek styling. Metal accents, sometimes. It's not always "squared-off" furniture. You remember "kidney" tables?

I found a few current pieces, hand made by artisans, on etsy. These are great examples of mid-century mod. These are beautiful! Not vintage (although vintage is cool, too!) but made by the people that are selling them. You could customize them to your needs! And I found them to be reasonably priced. Etsy is chock FULL of vintage and new pieces to satisfy your jones for this beautiful design way. I find myself drawn to this style and could live in a clean, simple lined home...but my husband is not as big a fan. (He likes curvy lines and flourishes...no surprise when you see who he picked to marry!)


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