Great home to kick off 2011.

Monday, January 3, 2011

Isn't this an inviting home? I could move right in. This is a softened example of the trends predicted for 2011. "Austere" is a word heard to describe the coming year. I see glimpses of that in this house. It has subdued color and and if you look closely they are focused on the function of the room not just the aesthetics. But they've created beautiful rooms without a lot of tchotchkes just to "fill up" the spaces. You can spot some of the 2010 trends, like Ikat. That trend should stick around through 2011. Do you love the blue room for their daughter? I would have died and gone to heaven, when I was 12, if I'd had this room! And I've always been a sucker for dutch doors. I'm in love with that entry way! It's finishes and moldings, the cleanness, the color. Nice. Just a lovely home.

These images were taken by Victoria Pearson for House Beautiful.


Amy C said...

OOH! I love that front door and entry as well!

Aimee - Choose To Be Better said...

I love the entry and the dining room (is that what is, w/ the fireplace?). Honestly, I love how people use different frames and sizes of pictures. Awesome look...I can never quite pull it off though...It always looks kind of junky when I try it!

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