Design Predictions for 2011.

Saturday, January 1, 2011
2011 is beginning to look very interesting, as far as design trends go. This year we saw natural materials become important in design...lots of crystals, branches, driftwood, silver, gold, etc... In 2011, we should see more of that. Wool is predicted to emerge in decorating with a bigger voice than before. Wool? How do they know these things? Because of the economy remaining in a slump, we should see design pushed to knew levels of ingenuity. Lots of new "inventions" not just re-imagining something to make it work smarter, better. But real emphasis on totally new design to solve everyday living concerns. "Stark" and "home-centered" are two ways I've heard 2011 described. Lots of angles, geometric shapes, etc... in design but also a desire to really take the focus back to the softness, the comfort of home. It sounds schizophrenic. It sounds austere, but I'm really interested in seeing the pairing the hard angles and materials against the history and warmth of home.
Pantone's color predictions for 2011

The colors predicted are grays and blacks with jolts of yellows and oranges. Red is expected to make a return but mostly as an accent. It seems to me, the color trend is going to earthy tones with interesting hues. Like 'wine' but muddied. Citrus yellow, dulled. Smoky blues. There seems to be a subdued quality to the colors, all of them. The colors still look bold when given the back drop of gray or black, but they aren't the usual bright, pops of color we saw in 2010, it seems. 

I love reading the predictions and with the internet it's fun to look back at what was predicted for 2010. Did they all come to fruition? I love this stuff! 


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