My Kitchen Favorite Things.

Wednesday, December 29, 2010
Flat whisk.
This is my new Hot Cocoa maker.
This is my old hot cocoa maker. I miss you.
Flat wooden spatula.

I wanted to share with you some of my favorite kitchen items. I have each of these things and love them...or like them a whole lot.

1. Flat whisk. You may think it's silly to love a whisk.  I love the versatility of my flat whisk. I use it 10 times before I use my traditional whisk.

2. I've mentioned my hot cocoa maker before. I use it everyday. And I sincerely love it. My old one broke and I miss it. This new one looks sleeker but I am used to my old one. Both are fantastic, though!

3. Flat wooden spatula. I use this for SO much! To scramble an egg. Break up and cook ground turkey. Scrape chocolate curls (once I've melted, poured, and cooled the chocolate.) So much!

4. My Martha Stewart dutch oven. I would love a Le Creuset, but this is the next best thing! I've loved this big, heavy piece of enamelware. It cooks everything so well. Cleans like a dream. It has some downsides that I didn't encounter when I've used the more expensive alternatives. For the price, this is tops in my book! And such a pretty color!

5. I have this toaster oven. I like it. I don't love it but we use it daily. Toast, of course. But you can warm wedges of sourdough, slices of pizza, chocolate chip cookies, etc... The list is endless and it's so much yummier that warming in the microwave. Speaking of microwaves...

6. I use this egg cooker in the microwave. I've used this for years. My husband doesn't love the look of the eggs when they are done this way. My kids, however, love eggs and they don't mind them cooked this way. I just spray it with cooking spray, crack an egg inside, cook for 30-50 seconds (depending on how you want your egg cooked) and it's done. Then I can spray for a second egg and have it done before the first kid has started eating his egg! It's a time saver. And for those of you wary about the way a microwave "doesn't it kill all good things in food?" NO. Check here for all the latest research.

7. My Kitchenaid. Oh, how I love thee! It is my kitchen assistant that never calls in sick or late, (unlike my other kitchen assistants?) It makes dough, cookies, sweet potato casserole, etc... Every kitchen needs one. I wish I was one of those blogs that could afford to give you one. Sorry. Please share with me if you have one though. I'd love to hear what colors everyone has!

8. My silicone spatulas from William Sonoma. They are wonderful! Easy. Useful. Easy to clean. Pretty colors. Great in heat. I have a half dozen in a variety of colors. They make me smile.

So that is it. I could go on. There are other kitchen things I love but I'll save them for another "favorites" list, another day. Please though, tell me some of yours? I'd love to hear!


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