Holiday Lights.

Tuesday, December 7, 2010
Luberto home--Boston, MA
It is my sweet children's dream to have lights on their house at Christmas time. This is one thing we've never really gotten accomplished. I remember too late, then it's cold and no one wants to hang them...or my husband gets really busy at work and this task goes way down the list of 'to-do's'. Poor, sad, little children. Do you put lights up? I remember driving with my Mom to look at Christmas lights, when I was little. The pretty colored reflections in the car's glass, as I looked at the magical creations, is a warm memory. I drag my husband out every year to take the family on light seeking missions. We usually get a street or two in and then the 'Bah-humbug' in my husband appears and we head home for cocoa. It's funny. I don't know why he's not as entranced by the lights as the rest of us. Especially since he's no Grinch! He plays Santa every year for dozens of families! What do you think about the lights? Do you make a special effort to look at them? Do you make pilgrimages to strangers homes just so you can sit in a line and crawl along to look at some lights?


Amy C said...

I love driving around and looking for Christmas lights! Tom doesn't mind it either. We haven't ever really been able to do lights on our own house due to living circumstances, but I would love to, and someday we will! :)

Scrappy Mel said...

As soon as I see one house with it's lights on I am on a light seeking mission. We drive a different route home every night when my husband picks me up from work, and my 3.5 year old son up from daycare. William LOVES the lights. It is always "Oh Mommy look out my window", "oh, look out Daddy's window" His first complete phrase was last Christmas on "light tour".
He plain as day said " Wow! Look at all the pretty lights MommY!" I whipped my head around in shock because usually he spoke in broken sentences. I'll never forget that house with all the pretty lights.=)For a moment you are in a magical place.

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