Thursday, December 9, 2010
 When I open the boxes to decorate, I am looking for these things first. My beloved "mistletoe" is actually metal. I adore it! It's cute AND I get kissed every time I am found standing under it! My wonderful, felt "Merry Christmas" banner. The picture doesn't do it justice at all!
I also have this great looking metal holly wreath that holds our Christmas cards. You should see how many card that thing holds by the end of the season!

 I like my paper houses with the bottle brush trees...some of them light from inside. Magical. (Can you see me saying "hello" in the mirror?) I like our big Santa head. He looks vintage, especially with the ding of missing paint on his nose. When I was little my family had a gigantic, light up Santa head. That face was probably 3 feet long! I remember rubbing his red nose.

I like my tinsel tree. I bought it at a good discount, years ago, because the base was broken. The poor thing couldn't stand easily on it's own. I found an old, blue, crackle pot and added plaster of paris to make it hold my tree sturdily. It's never gonna fall over.

 I love our velvet tree skirt with the best sounding bells attached on the outside of the skirt. They jingle every time our cat, Jack, walks by.
These are just some of the lovely things that make our house feel like it's full of Christmas. Don't you love how your decorations transform your home? It makes me grin the whole season...which gets shorter and shorter the older I get!


Carol F. said...

Super super cute stuff, Wendy! Do you remember where you got the felt banner? That would be a good place to start for me. I also maybe have to make one of those ornament wreaths one day. Mine is just not glamorous enough. Very plain. Cute tree skirt and paper houses.

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