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Thursday, November 18, 2010
Karl Zahn
ali express
I realize the images I selected are remarkably similar. I must be drawn to them! I've always had a love for paper arts. I'm entranced by the use of paper in lighting. You can see the most beautiful silhouettes emerge. When I was a young girl I purchased a giant paper lantern like the one above for my bedroom. I think I spent around two bucks. Now they can cost as little as $4 all the way up to hundreds! You can get lots of different colors. Some have images on them. Some cast shadows on the wall based on the images on the inside of the light. Beautiful! I especially love the lights trending now. That giant flower ball from IKEA is lovely...and cheap! What a dramatic statement! A lot of them are no longer made of paper but Tyvek or plastic. That makes them a helluva lot tougher and completely fire proof (although paper is safe for use in lighting. The Tyvek or plastic just adds an extra confidence.)

Would you use something like this in your home?


Talk of the Town said...

I have been wanting to try and make some lights like this. One day...

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