Tuesday, November 16, 2010
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A dear friend of mine just finished this quilt for the baby boy growing in her belly. She should design quilts for a living. She is talented beyond measure. She's always been creative...but this is a masterpiece! I think it is beyond words. I will stop there because all this gushing will make me sound insincere. I truly love this though! Isn't it lovely?! You can see more pictures on her blog.


Ryan & Sydne said...

Hi Wendy, I clicked on your blog from a friend's facebook post and really enjoy your style. As a designer, I thought you might be interested in my sister's etsy business, shop name Rubbish Rehab. If you're not, it's all good, just thought I'd throw it out there. They do a lot of custom work and are based in Seattle Washington. Take care!

Wendy said...

Thank you! I'll check that out Sydney (unless your name is Ryan and your husband is Sydney!) :)

Talk of the Town said...

OH Wendy, you make me laugh. Why can't you live closer to me!

Wendy said...

I know! Why can't I, Patti?!

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