Sunday, October 3, 2010

As I am dealing with a slight need to "recover" from our vacation (5 days at Disneyland during the hottest week EVER! 113 degrees!) I will post some of the pictures from our favorite hotel. If we plan our trip on short notice we sometimes don't get to stay at the Grand Californian. With plenty of notice, this is our preferred residence during our week at Disneyland. It's nice because it is on the Disney property. If you can't catch a room there, pop in just to take in the beautiful lobby. It's grand and warm. The fireplace is always burning at night...even during the hottest week on record! I wish I'd grabbed a picture of the adorable little arts and crafts rockers for the children to sit and watch old cartoons. The craftsman details are done perfectly from floor to ceiling. I wish I was a better photographer to capture these images for you. Hope you can get a sense of the beauty of this lovely hotel. I should have taken a more detailed picture of the amazing floor tile work. It is breathtaking. As someone that has a knowledge of flooring, and what it takes to do some of this type of tile work, I realize what talented craftsmen (and women) it requires to make these amazing floors! There is also evidence found of Batchelder's influence in the wall tiles. If you are a fan of the "arts & crafts" or "craftsman" style of design, then you know who Ernest Batchelder is. His influence on this style is found in textiles, ceramics, and even quotes throughout the building.

My kids enjoy the pools, not the architecture. Someday, when they grow up, perhaps they'll happen upon a lovely craftsman home or chair and be reminded of our family vacations to this beautiful hotel.


Kim@Chattafabulous said...

I love to see amazing architecture. Hope you are cooling off !!

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