Wednesday, September 29, 2010
etsy again
I will show you this but then you have to promise not to buy it. I love mid century design. My husband does not. He can be talked into liking a particular piece and even seeing the value in an overall design scheme. He likes flourishes a bit more than me. Fanciness. He is 6'3" and can bench press 310 lbs. But he likes girliness in his decorating. I, on the other hand, could live in a modern, simple lined decor with pops of color here and there. He likes a little floral now and then. I like him and he likes me. So we make this work.


Barbie said...

I promise not to buy it. I want light, very neutral color. He wants color. So we compromise. I never realized how many shades of gray exist. Wow!

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