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Thursday, September 9, 2010

On the Better Homes & Gardens website they have a lot of fun 'before and after' slideshows. They are great to look at and get ideas but also instructive to show my clients that have a hard time envisioning their rooms end point. The photos above are just two in a series of 13 photos that show the details of this room and how it evolved. It shows a much more gentle curve of change as compared to the jarring results of a two-photo 'before -after'. I could look at these all day!


Anonymous said...

Great before & after. Love the blue walls & additional curtains!


jenpetersen said...

Are the pillows in the "before" similiar to the ones you were talking about for me to put between my built in book case and computer desk in my family room? Do you remember that conversation?

Wendy said...

That is similar to what I meant for you Jen!

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