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Thursday, August 12, 2010

I had the prettiest little dining room in our 1930's side-door colonial in Connecticut. It was a jewel. I had it painted Benjamin Moore's paladium blue (I wish I had a picture for you. I lost them all.) A sort of water blue. Crisp, white moldings, and my mahogany dining table helped make the room feel beachy AND grown up. I had my chairs upholstered in a smart stripe. The same blue as the wall with added cream and pink stripes.
When I moved to Utah we changed color palettes. Our kitchen/dining room is open to the family room. My husband's dream layout...I'm not such a fan. I like rooms that lots of people can gather in but enjoy decorating spaces that feel more intimate. A paradox that challenges my design sensibilities. Anyway, we needed an ottoman. (This story illustrates completely why my husband sighs a lot when we talk and adds some eye rolling every now and then. I give too many details that don't seem to pertain. BUT it makes sense in my brain!) This ottoman would be 40" x 40". A biggie! Because, visually, it would make such a statement in the room(s),  choosing the fabric was a challenge. My husband wanted a stripe. He loved a bold red and gold striped fabric I found. The dining chair fabric would be a mere 10 or so feet from the ottoman. The two stripes were too similar in pattern and nothing alike in color. I ordered the stripe my husband loved and decided to make a non-permanent cover for the upholstered dining chairs. I don't sew. I wish I did! But I found a costume maker that, for a nominal fee, made these chair covers for me. I designed them. She made a pattern. And for $15/ea. I got a one of a kind slipcover for my chairs. Now 6 yrs. old, those chair covers garner compliments from visitors and make it incredibly easy for me to toss in the washer and dryer. If I hadn't needed to neutralize the upholstery I think I would have lost out on a wonderful addition to my dining chairs! I love them!


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