Wanting a change.Needing unlimited funds.

Monday, June 21, 2010

Right now, our home is for sale. We are hoping to move closer to downtown so Alan's commute won't be so long. We would also love to build again. But, the market being so slow, we haven't had a lot of lookers and even fewer offers. We are just fine waiting although a little teeny tiny fly has gotten stuck in the ointment. I am feeling the itch to redecorate. I want change...in a big way. Since funds are tight and the prospect of moving is possible, this really isn't the time to change much, if anything! But it doesn't stop me from yearning and dreaming and imagining and wishing. Here are some pictures of my house as it exists now. I'd love to repaint. I'd like to take down the tin signs from my kitchen. My dining chairs are upholstered in this beautiful blue stripe from when we lived in Connecticut. I've had covers over them, just a neutral linen, since we moved to Utah. When we moved from CT, I commissioned a custom 40 x 40 ottoman for our family room. Alan loved this striped fabric with red and gold in it so we made that the slipcover for the ottoman. That meant covering up that pretty blue stripe on my dining chairs. I'd love to change that ottoman slipcover and my red curtains. I went in a red direction to match that ottoman fabric but I'm tired of the red. Such a domino effect! I'd love to change the slipcover on my living room sofa (some red in there.) And my bedroom needs furniture in the sitting area. Don't get me started on the "empty" 5th bedroom. I'd love to make that a dedicated office, complete with built-ins. I'm just glad my husband doesn't read this blog. He'd have second thoughts about staying married, I'm sure. I am expensive.


Scarehaircare said...

How tall are your red curtains? If they are long enough for my house, I'll buy them off of you when you move. I've always loved those.

Kristine Robinson said...

Maybe it is in the air? I am ready to redo my whole house. I, however, am stay put. Though I would love to move to a different, more custom home!

Amy C said...

I've never been to your house, but it looks so cute! I wish I could buy it. :)

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