Thursday, June 24, 2010

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                                                    (Velvet trimmed lampshade from

Velvet is one trend that is surprising to see crop up just when it's getting warm outside. Other trends that seems to be linked to velvet are crystals and geodes. What do velvet and geodes have in common? They are usually in jewel tones and feel a little lux. That feeling is everywhere in the design world right now. Natural textures and luxurious fabrics. A little shine and glitz put together with unstained wood sculpture lighting or gray toned hardwood floors. Beech toned woods in accessories are also here and there. I find it so interesting right now. Very trendy. So if you want to stay current without completely adopting this trend (that I think will be shorter than most) put a few velvet throw pillows on a neutral piece of furniture. You'll lux it up without breaking the bank.


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