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Saturday, January 8, 2011
I only have my dinky digital camera right now. My pictures don't look great...I wish you could see the richness of the colors. But we are seeing the end of this room that we started in September! I don't normally take this long to do a room! One little chair held the whole thing up! We custom ordered a side chair and I think the salesperson forgot to order it. My client (let's call her 'Beth'*) paid for it but when she would call to check on the status of the chair they would say "Um...oh, it's still on back order." Beth was willing to hang on because the holidays meant she couldn't really put the room together anyway. Thank goodness for patient clients!  I told her that I wish she would just cancel the chair and we'd find something else, unless she really wanted that chair. Yea! She cancelled the chair. The tiny chair was holding us hostage because we didn't want to get the rug in there and then not like the rug with everything. Usually, you only have 24-48 hours to return a rug that doesn't work. Long story, but yesterday we got the rug in there and were able to look at with the other pieces. I'm so happy she could cancel the chair. I am not sure that the chair would have worked in this room! I would have been sick to my stomach knowing I had steered her wrong!

The room just needs accessories now, some side tables, etc... In fact, I should have taken a picture of how I left the room. I had moved a few things around and it looked a bit more finished than what you see in this photo. Beth really wanted a traditional feeling room with traditional pieces, updated. A little beachy, country cottagey. (That chair to the right of the fp is a swivel rocker. It is SO comfy!) Early on in the project I suggested she paint the brass fireplace insert black and change the tiles just above the insert. She took my suggestion but, instead of changing the tiles, she painted them a chocolate brown. It looks great! She did such a good job!
This is a "before" but I wish I would have gotten a picture of the room before I started working on it. Sorry folks. I'm bad at that.

My electrician called me yesterday evening to say he has finished the custom lamp for this room! Next week I'm planning on making another trip to Beth's home and put more finishing touches on the room. Final pictures to come!


Verena said...

You´ve done a great job! I really love the room and the colours! Everything fits together!

Noelle at Gray Paint Decor said...

Looks so lovely!!

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