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Thursday, December 2, 2010
cute bus
I am sort of a toy snob. I do feel a little tiny bit guilty about it. I don't like Dora (For example. I'm sorry to pick on Dora) toys or for that matter toys that have some cartoon character's face on them. I'm picky about those things in clothing, bedding, etc... I've got a little girl that likes some of those things and so happily, for her, they've made their way into our home. BUT, I am drawn to more stylish toys. My ultra stylish friend, Martha, introduced me to 'Rody' nine years ago, just before my son was born. I searched for one and had to order it from an Italian toy distributor. Now you can find them anywhere! Rody is just one example of a toy that I think has some style but that has competely held up to my two kids and any visitors. We've filled him with air only once! Nine years ago! He might be a little tiny bit softer than when he started but he's still mighty fun! So when I was searching to do this post I came across this adorable reindeer like Rody! I'm not picking him up for us but if you do, I hope he holds up like our dear friend Rody!
reindeer bouncer
Aren't these "blocks" interesting? These would be nice gifts for a number of different giftees...from 3 to 93!
totter tower

pull-along dog
This dog is fantastic, isn't it?! I love his details and wish I could see him move along. I imagine he looks adorable on the move.
Sirch Car
This ride-along is super BUT attach an adorable mini-trailer to it and I'm completely in love! My kiddos are too big for this now. I wish I need it for a little one!


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