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Monday, December 13, 2010
msm jewelry
This is a new take on the embossed necklace craze. Two, interlocking rings with names engraved. I think your recipient will sing praises to your good taste!
And this...what can I say about this cute necklace?! A "paper" airplane pendant! How cute is that?
bijoux lux jewelry
These earrings are so pretty and only $30! You'll have a unique gift that any girl would love!
retro ink
This shop sells very cool t-shirts with interesting images, hand screened. Do you know someone that appreciates the comfort of a -t-shirt and loves photography? They also have this lovely image of an elephant and I am drawn to the t-shirt with the bus on the front. For 15 bucks you can't beat this one-of-a-kind gift!
Though not a necklace wearer this gem  could turn me into one! My favorite color is robin's egg blue AND I happen to have a little design company by the name of Good Egg! I think this has to be mine! (Is it bad that I purchased this for myself before I was even done writing this post?) 
jacaranda designs
Since the bird's nest is no longer available I thought I'd show you these pretty earrings from the same seller. But now that I look at them I'm thinking they should be mine, too! These are so pretty! $18.75 and free shipping! How can you go wrong? I'll leave them for someone else that needs a great gift for their loved one. I need to stop finding things for myself! Seriously, if you need a special piece of jewelry for your best friend or wife...this site has so many interesting pieces to choose from! 

I'll keep my eyes open while shipping is still possible to arrive for the big day! Happy shopping!


classic casual home said...

Very fun gift ideas. Thanks.
Mary Ann

Jen and Marty said...

I am so, so glad you bought that necklace. It's amazing (and is screaming your name for SURE!) :) Are you feeling better today?

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