Christmas Card.

Monday, December 6, 2010
I did our Christmas card this year. I made it in literally 5 minutes. I am so impatient with stuff like this. I just want to get it done. So I just culled through photos that took place through the year and put them on one of those premade cards on a photo site. It was fun to see how the photos came together. I've already heard back from a few people that they love
the card (or do they have to say that?!) This was our card from last year. I loved it's simplicity. I thought it was elegant. I love this card, this card, and this card! It's so hard for me to pick just one! I have tried every photo site out there. I like all of them. I tend to get most of my photo stuff done at Shutterfly. They are uber-easy! I love how intuitively you can navigate through the site.

I'm so excited about some photo books I made for some people on my Christmas list. They shall remain nameless since I don't want to giveaway who is getting one! Do you like using this type of technology for gifts? Have you made a photo book before? I'm kind of obsessed with them. Shutterfly seems to have lots of promotions where I can make a photo book and get two free, or something like that. It makes it hard NOT to make one! My kids love looking through the books! Last year I made one for my Mother-in-law. She adores her garden. I surreptitiously snapped photos of her showing off some of her roses...I took pictures of every plant, closeups of the blooms ( I even captured a few bumblebees.) My MIL was amazed when she opened her gift. She was seriously surprised that her garden was in a book! (I didn't tell her how easy it was.) If you've visited my house you've probably seen the book of "Max Faces." My son and I were just having fun taking pictures of him making a million faces. I would say "Look surprised" then snap a photo, etc... I ended up making it into the coolest picture book for his little sister! She loves that book! And she learns words like "annoyed" or "focused" or "smart alec"! Then I made a calendar for my husband's office with those same "Max faces!"

So, if you haven't done your Holiday cards yet, tell me...what are you going to do? I'd love to see your card! Can you send me a link or something? That would be fun to see what you are doing!

Shutterfly is doing a promo. right now for 50 free photo cards if you get selected to spotlight them on your blog. I love Shutterfly and am happy to tell you about them even though I don't need photo cards! I was on top of things and got my cards done and out early this year! This promo. would have come in handy last year when my cards got out after Christmas! 


Amy C said...

I do love your Christmas card this year! And I was very impressed how quickly you got them out! I may just have to check out Shutterfly a little closer!

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