You might be a decorator if...

Monday, November 1, 2010
Do you compulsively take the time to choose the color of the cup, plate, and fork
your child's breakfast will be served on? Do you either match everything or pair
interesting color combinations. And then stand back and take it in...just for a moment?

Do the colors on your computer screen actually matter to you?
Have you ever "blended" a custom color for your font?
Have you ever had a wall color made to match a favorite pair of shoes? Handbag?
Piece of fruit?

Have people said to you, "I've never noticed that! did you notice that?"  when you've pointed out a detail in their very own home?

Have you ever NOT been able to sleep because you were going 

over your list of options for
colors you could paint the inside of your kitchen cabinets?

Do you cringe when your child begs to have that new Dora shirt? Do you immediately think, "What cardigan does she own that could 1. cover up said shirt, and 2. look artistically eccentric when paired with above mentioned shirt?

Has a room of your house ever been "finished?" If so, you might NOT be a decorator!

Have you ever thought, "Man! It would be so easy if I just didn't care!"
YOU are most likely a decorator!


Jen and Marty said...

so witty. so you.

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