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Saturday, November 6, 2010
Sometimes sitting down to my blog is the only relaxing time I get. Between a feisty 3 year old, a funny 8 year old, and my little decorating business, it feels like a break...even an indulgence to write at my blog or look at other fantastic blogs. I love seeing what inspires other bloggers. I like seeing bloggers become successful. I have no desire for my blog to become big, though. I know I need it just for me and a handful of friends that want to follow along. I would not enjoy blogging as a career but I find it relaxing. On the other hand...I do get a jolt from scouring and then finding a lamp part for the lamp I'm having made for a client. Instead of spending $20 bucks + shipping I paid $5 cash out the door! Go figure. That is what gets my heart pumping! Isn't it great that we are all so different!

By the way, I can't wait to show you the lamp when it is finished! As usual, I forgot to take a picture of the vase I made it from (when I say "I made it" I mean my electrician made it/is making it.)
Here is what I was searching for (although mine looks different) Do you know what this is? If you guess right I'll give a random guesser a small prize...of my own choosing :)


Elizabeth said...

I'm going to go with the "lamp base". I'm sure I'm not right, but at least I tried!!! LOL

Carol F. said...

lamp base

ParkerMama said...

You sound just like me! Scouring for the perfect item at yardsales, DI or just around the house.

And spray paint. A good can of spray paint can make the world go 'round.

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