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Thursday, November 11, 2010
My eyes are still bleary and I'm pooped. But we accomplished a lot in our marathon decorating session.  A wonderful client flew me out for a day. Just one day! We shopped and searched and plotted and ate a bite or two. We found a pretty rug, a needed couch was ordered, a cool tufted, velvet, teal ottoman was ordered, and we moved her front room around. But my favorite part? Talking with her adorable children! They are gems! I wanted to steal them!
My cute client sitting on what will be her couch, when they make it in the fabric she chose.
Do you think they can get it done by Thanksgiving? They are gonna try!
Her darling boy, patiently waiting while we shopped and
shopped and shopped! He's such a cutie!
The ottoman that was predestined to be velvet teal.
She knew that part.

Then we found this rug to pull the room together.
I was a little worried we'd have a difficult time finding
the right rug since that ottoman was so bold.
The rug has beautiful, saturated colors. Craftsman style, so it looks traditional enough.
But, will add a little fun to the room with those bold, orangeish, cabbage roses.

Sadly, I won't be there to put the room together when all the furniture is completed. I think that has convinced me I can no longer work long distance. It worked great this time to be flown out there, fed, given a bed...but my poor client is feeling shaky about putting it all together. I taped off the floor to give her a sense of furniture placement but she wants help knowing what/where to put on the walls. What accessories will finish the room, etc... I wanted her to see that something tangible got accomplished so I rearranged her front room. That gave her the necessary adrenaline rush that a good change in decor can deliver!

I don't mind giving ideas. Making inspiration boards can be fun. But I truly feel the most useful when I can finish the room. I need to move things around...see if they really work the way I'm picturing. In all good design there has to be a trial and error element and that just doesn't happen when I'm just giving ideas and then leaving the state! I wish I could head down there to complete what we started! That is by far the fun part!


Jenn S. said...

Wendy! I found your darling blog! It was a delight to chat with you a bit on the phone this week. Thank you so much for assisting my sister with this project, it has been a long haul and a test of patience, but it will be so beautiful and perfect when it is complete. There are so many wonderful memories yet to be made for the B.family in their new room! :)

Jen and Marty said...

I love this post. Awesome!

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