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Saturday, November 13, 2010
turquoise tumbleweed

very cool, graphic prints
As a child, we lived on a gentleman's farm for a time. Among cows, horses, and pigs, we had peacocks. Just two. A boy and a girl (but I think the boy was gay...we tried to get him interested in fertilizing the girl's eggs but he just wasn't interested.) They were loud but beautiful. Exotic to have as "pets." I've always had a fascination with them. My Mother is an orniphobe. She is terrified of birds...even pictures of birds! The fact that she allowed my Father to have peacocks on our farm is quite peculiar. They would fly up onto our deck and sit there for hours. Right outside the great room/kitchen. My Mom had to hate that! I love my Mom but we've had our "issues" (she drives me a little nutty sometimes.) It is totally Freudian that I continue to decorate with the object of my Mother's fear. My guest bed (where my Mom slept) for a long time was wrought iron with sweet little birdies perched on the top. The fact that I named my company "Good Egg Interiors" is, I'm certain, subconscience homage to my Mother and our complex relationship.

I'll get back on topic...I've always liked peacocks and am fascinated by their colors and their fancy tail. Here are a few of the objects that caught my eye this morning. The business card is mine, made by the lovely Michelle Brusegaard of mbmb. She's made my business cards for years because they are pretty and soooo inexpensive! I don't know how she does it!

Now, I'll go work out my "Mother issues" on my own and quit bringing you into it!
I love you, Sally :)


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