Tuesday, October 19, 2010
karachi snob
Isn't this picture of a light/breath-taking art piece...well...breath- taking? I'm going through struggles because of my own lighting and a clients lighting issues. I'm sick of looking at lights. I have book after book or special order lights. I've perused specialty lighting stores. Home Depot and Lowes have been visited a number of times. I wish I didn't care so much, what my lights look like. I was already in the process of looking for lights for a client and then I found myself needing a new light in the front room. THEN, when changing a light bulb, my poor husband broke our big kitchen light. (That happened just a day after my computer modem broke! When it rains...) He felt terrible. I would be happy if my brain would let me choose merely on function. Wouldn't that make your life a little easier if you didn't care about form. Easier, maybe. Not as much fun, I guess. Right now I'm teetering on the "ignorance is bliss" ledge. Doesn't there always seem to be (unless you are independently wealthy or Oprah) a list of "what I would get if I could afford it" and another list, "what I'll settle for because it works." I feel a little...LOT greedy or shallow or selfish that I am always looking to change my surroundings...find something better. I'm really trying to cultivate happy-with-what-I've-got attitide but it seems to elude my feeble psyche. I'm sure you've know nothing of what I'm talking about as you have it figured out! I'm grateful for the listening ear though :) Thanks for letting me vent!


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