Halloween Decor.

Tuesday, October 5, 2010

I rarely attempt crafts. I'm not terrible at them but I'm not great at them. I tend to want it done quickly so I can get to other things...I guess it feels kind of indulgent when there is laundry to get done. I wanted something to decorate my door so I picked up a few cheap things at the craft store. This took me all of 20 minutes and about 12 bucks. It was fun. I think it needs a little something more but I'll have to think about it. What would you suggest? As we speak, this is the only Halloween decoration I have up. I need to get busy! Send me some pictures of your Halloween decorations! I'd LOVE to see them! (alankormsby@yahoo.com)


Char @ Crap I've Made said...

I'm making a wreath...it involves a black feather boa and ping pong balls. Stay tuned.

Amy C said...

Cute! I think it looks great!

Wendy said...

Char, that is funny. I almost bought a black boa for this wreath!

Kathy said...

Cute wreath! I love Halloween!

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