Wednesday, October 13, 2010
t party
This time of year I start having a hankerin' for gingerbread. I love gingerbread cookies. I like gingerbread cake. I adore gingerbread steamers...(I just put 2 tbsp.'s of Sugar-Free Gingerbread Torani Syrup into a cup of steamed milk. It is sooooo good!) In my desire to pay tribute to all things gingerbread, I thought I'd pleasure your eyes with some lovely pictures of gingerbread trim. In doing so I found this wonderful website called T-Party. This woman has a wonderful eye for vintage finds and lovely colors...and she enjoys tea. I asked to borrow some of her photos because she has photographed the most charming little cottages, with gingerbread trim. Aren't the colors fantastic?! I think the photos she took are pretty cottages on Martha's Vineyard. Wouldn't you love to have a beach house like this?


Karen@StrictlySimpleStyle said...

My brother and his wife used to live in a historic home with trim similar to these. They are so charming.

Mary Jane Smith said...

I'm nuts for gingerbread, too! I bet you miss the gingerbread donuts at DD. To die for. Also, if you're looking for more gingerbread houses, look up Chautauqua Institute. All the houses in the resort are Victorian in gorgeous colors. It's an amazing place. xo

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