Thursday, September 16, 2010
I normally like to link you to the pictures I show. I'm not sure I can, in good conscience, do that this time. I found a website that caters to the need for lampshades of this fashion. I was shocked that this was available in the 21st century. And that, according to this website, there is a BIG need! The tag line for the website is "A happy place to enjoy the shopping spirit." I try not to be negative on my blog. I really admire all the talented decorators out there in the blogosphere. I get inspiration from them. Encouragement, etc... But, if you are seriously using these to finish a room's design....well, I... am speechless. Really?! REALLY?!?


Kim@Chattafabulous said...


Karin said...

What???? I totally love these!!! I might just order one for every room in my house! I am totally kidding. Thanks for the good laugh!(:

Amy C said...

Yikes!! :)

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