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Monday, September 20, 2010
I have been hustling, after getting sick with bronchial pneumonia, to get back on track. I have two big decorating jobs and about 4 on the wait list (although 3 of them don't seem to need me right away and I'm so good with that right now!) On top of all that I have a Disneyland trip coming up and am so happy to get away but realize it will put me even farther behind. Ever have one of those days? MONTHS?

The job I'm working on right now is a great room and then the front room/parlor. I'm having lots of fun picking colors and furniture. The homeowner has never had a decorator help BUT even more incredible, she has never shopped to decorate her home. She is, at once, loving this experience and finding it overwhelming! Her home (I should take a picture of the outside) is a classic center hall colonial. The kitchen has been renovated with beautiful walnut cabinets and a heavy granite counter top. We are working to balance that darker kitchen with a beautiful blue, beachy feel. It's coming together, fingers crossed!, beautifully! I often forget to photograph the rooms I work on. It is a terrible habit! So I missed capturing the beginning state of the rooms. One of the first things I did was remove the "valances" from each of the windows (and she has a boatload of windows!) These sad little "valances" were put their by the previous owners and really they looked more like napkins. The main color of the great room was a hollow yellow. It didn't do much. The dining area and hallway are just an off white. A little dingy. The front rooms are a dull sage green. She's got a good swath of the blue up and it looks cool and crisp with her white trimmed windows. (The blue is Benjamin Moore's Glass Slipper 1632---sorry you can't see it at all in the pic!) The browns in the room look lovely with the blue. The pictures won't do it justice!
(To the left is a picture of the pretty fabric for a cozy side chair. Big, down filled cushions--and the chair is a rocker, secretly. Sitting by the fireplace should be nice!)
I'll post the pics as I can. Right now we've got a good bit of the furniture being made and won't be done for a number of weeks. I'll keep you posted! Hope you have fun looking at the few pictures I have!


Scarehaircare said...

More pics! I know whose house that is - I didn't know they were redecorating. How exciting!

PS would you mind posting how to decorate a huge (HUGE I tell you) fireplace mantle? I am at a loss.

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