Emotional Decorating.

Saturday, September 25, 2010
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I'm working with a dear friend right now to update her space. Her home isn't that old and her furnishings are in great shape. But she needs a change. Her need comes from being a care giver to an ill spouse, a Mother, a student, a volunteer. She gives to everyone that comes within reach of her loving arms....and then some! So she wants a change. Really craves one. She confided that she isn't sure whether her existing furniture is really the problem or if it is a convenient scape goat. But she wants to simplify her color palette and buy the things she truly wants. Not just the "good price chair" or the paint color she is talked in to. We all can relate, can't we? I know I have things that don't "work" now but are in perfectly good shape. Some things I compromised on because I needed something in that corner but now it stands out like a sore thumb. To me. It becomes a weight around my neck. Money keeps us from buying new. Good sense keeps us from throwing out perfectly useful furniture. I am not advocating going into debt for a new room. NO! Creative thinking can give you big changes with little to no money. But I have seen the "emotional" side of changing a room. How it can physically give you a lift. There was a bit of an adrenaline surge when I moved my breadbox into the pantry, for instance. It's out of sight now and I love that. I still like it and get a smile, though I moved that darn breadbox a month ago! So don't discount your need to change as frivolous. Be sensible but pay attention to your need to improve your surroundings.  It really can give you that lift you seek.


Good Buy Consignment said...

Amen sista! I love a change and just cycling things into and out of site can give you such a boost!

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