One lonely corbel.

Sunday, July 25, 2010

Years ago...and I mean years ago...I found one lonely corbel at an antiques fair in Connecticut (or New York. I can't remember, it was THAT long ago.) As usual, my dear husband smirked and rolled his eyes. "What are you going to do with that? You need two of them." Never deterred, I was certain I would do something with my lonely corbel. It held various spots on my walls in Connecticut and then again when we moved to Utah. It never felt like it found it's place, though. Then, when we were finishing our basement, I had an epiphany! I was having the carpenter put in a small art desk for the kids and a mini fridge...somewhere. I combined the two. That far end, against the wall, is where the fridge sits. The carpenter then stepped down to make a desk. That corbel was made to hold up the left end of our little desk. It adds a little bit of whimsy and class to an otherwise utilitarian area. I smile every time I see it. The bonus? No vacuuming around a table leg! It's nice and open. I like that!

Moral of the story? Hang on to every little seemingly purposeless object that you love. You'll find a way to use it eventually! Even if your husband rolls his eyes.


The Crazy Suburban Mom said...

That looks fabulous! I love it... And really it adds something beautiful to an area that could be so plain. What a great idea. I love finding things at estate sales - wow


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