Saturday, July 17, 2010


Painting your front door can add a quick umph to your home's exterior. Coming home to a pretty, colorful door can make you smile every time you enter. In my "home owner" lifetime I've painted my door(s) a variety of colors. I once enjoyed a lovely deep, pacific blue shade. Then I changed that door, a few years down the line, to a glossy, putty gray (a lot like the gray in the paint chips above.) In Connecticut our front door was red. A pretty, shiny candy red. That door made me smile. You don't have to do the typical red or black. Although, those colors are timeless and beautiful. An offbeat hue can give your home an individual look without making your whole house stand out as "odd." One little door can do so much. If you do tackle this diy project, here are a few tips. Use an exterior paint, preferably in a high gloss. That way it will stand up to the elements and everyday wear but that glossy paint will look so pretty and reflective. Wash your door well and then do a light sanding. Or if you prefer, use a good primer, like Kilz. I have rolled on paint and used brushes on my door. Using the proper tools will have a big impact on the outcome! Don't skimp. You'll be sorry if you use inferior brushes or rollers. If you use a smaller roller and then go over it, softly, with a high quality brush, you will get a nice look...not that sprayed on, "builder" finish. My favorite way to paint a door? Hire a good painter. Then I don't get dirty!


Amy C said...

I would love to have a colorful door! I think it would be fun. Everywhere I've lived though, painting the door hasn't/isn't an option.

Flourishing Networks said...

we are looking for door ideas at the moment...so thank you for this. We have a door leading from kitchen to the outdoor entertainment area. I know its just a door however it must look great!!!

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