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Wednesday, June 2, 2010


One of the things I love doing for friends and clients...what I like to call "Frients" helping them choose paint. At any given time one or two of my paint decks is loaned out across the valley. Picking paint is usually an exercise in educated guessing. I like trying new colors but it is also easy to fall back on the tried and true. Paint decks "expire." The powers that be change color ways ALL the time and that means you get a new palette from which to choose. I have a perfectly wonderful "old" Benjamin Moore paint deck that has lovely colors. Benjamin Moore's "palladium blue" made my Connecticut dining room exactly what I dreamed. The right color has power to change your day every time you take it in. If you are in the mood to search for paint colors, head on over to Benjamin Moore and try out the Kravet Fan Deck. Just looking at the colors may provide the inspiration you've been seeking! (BTW, I don't really call anyone a "frient." Although, I can see it catching on now!)


Verena said...

I love the furniture! Very modern.

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