Friday, June 4, 2010
If I had a nickel for every time someone asked me just WHAT to hang on their walls...
If you've been in my house you know I have an affinity for vintage art. I am drawn to the 50's. But, Big Al and I have similar tastes in fine art. We save up and once or twice a year we buy something from a favorite artist (Joseph Alleman; one of his is shown at the top) or a new find. It is satisfying to look at these beautiful pieces. Inspiring. Soul food. A lot of my clients seem  unsure of what art they actually like. Maybe they need to investigate art a little further. Maybe they are locked into what they see their neighbors hanging on their walls. I have been guilty of buying something just to fill a wall. I always look at that wall with some regret. Search out what fills you up when you glance at it.

 I think this is one of the most important exercises in defining your personal design style. It can be eye opening. So, go to etsy and peruse the wares. See what calls your name. Some of the pieces I've purchased on etsy cost as little as 10 bucks....but they inspire just as well as the $1500 works. You can get sweet drawings for your child's room or play room at strawberry luna. For mid-century mod pieces there is monster gallery. For more whimsical modern you can head over to coffeshop.


Piggy's & Petal's said...

Hey Wendy! I love that you have this blog!! When I saw the post of this art I kind of laughed! I have always loved your taste, but who knew that we had the same FAVORITE artist!!! J.A. is my FAV!! Love that he is from my home town too. I love all of his work! I haven't splurged and got myself one yet, but I have bought my parents one for Christmas. LOVE his work! This is Randi just in case you didn't know! :) HAPPY BIRTHDay!

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