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Tuesday, June 29, 2010

This is probably my favorite wall in the house. I love these drawings that Max has done over the years. It's fun to add to it as he does more. I just took the objects that I really loved and cut some of them out and then placed them on scrapbook paper and then framed them with very inexpensive frames. I think the total cost for all of the frames was under $20. Because the frames aren't the star of this show I used simple glass frames or plain white. THE star of this show is clearly the brightly colored artist renderings. I tried to include a date on the pictures so I could remember how old he was when he did them. I love, love, love looking at these! I can't wait for Miss Lilly to start making some of her own. I'll give her her own wall.


Amy C said...

How fun that you frame their work and make it bright colored like that! I love it!

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